Rainy Days Make Good Knitting Days

Today has been warmer, but gray and rainy. I’m not in a bad mood though…rainy days are good for knitting after all. When I left you guys last, I was about 1/4 through the Rainbow scarf, started on the bunny blanket, and still had not started on the socks that I need to make. I’ve had some progress.

Here is the scarf:

Here is a close up:

I used two skeins of the Bernat Mosiac and I really like the way it turned out. The pattern was easy to follow and I’ll definately have to use it again with a different multi-color yarn. If you want the pattern, please see my previous post for the link.

I have made a lot of progress on the bunny blanket:

I’ve started on the second skein for this, and I’m onto the easy part: the blanket section. I’m happy to report that I’ve written everything down as I’ve went, and I will have the pattern up as soon as I find the time to sit down and write it all out. I haven’t decided if I’d like to have it a little smaller for the second one or not…this one is quite big, not huge, but big. Anyway the pattern is easily adaptable to make it a little smaller, and I’ll get into that when I write it up. Hopefully I’ll have the pattern ready so that anyone who wants to make one before Easter can do so.

I went to our local knitting group today, but it was kind of a disappointment. We had to leave early because the one lady that usually lets us stay an hour past the library’s closing time didn’t show and we had to leave early. In addition to that, not many showed up. But it was fun with the few that were there. I’m looking forward to the group having a meeting somewhere else when the weather is nice enough….so that we can knit outside! I’m thinking the park, or the little park behind the library.

I’ve happened upon a knitting meme that I hope to start on this blog soon. It lasts for thirty days, and each day I’m supposed to answer a question that has to do with knitting. I haven’t decided if I should start it whenever, or to wait until the 1st and do it for the whole month. We shall see.

“The Blizzard” as I’ve deemed the sweater for my husband’s cousin is a little bigger, but not big enough that it warrants another picture yet…rest assured it looks the same as it did in the last picture, just slightly longer. I hope to finish the bunny in the next couple of days. I have to go for now because I STILL HAVEN’T STARTED THOSE DARNED SOCKS!!!!!! (Hangs head in shame).


Spring is Approaching

Today is such a beautiful day. The air is nippy, the sun is warm, and there is a gentle breeze…it doesn’t get any better. Spring is definitely around the corner. That said, I’m having a rather good day. I’ve caught up on some housework that I was avoiding, and the hubby has cooked Chinese food for dinner…so I’ll have to make this quick and go eat.

I mentioned last night that I was going to cast on something new because I couldn’t work on my bunny until I get embroidery thread, I didn’t feel like working on the sweater, and I couldn’t start the socks last night because I didn’t have the yarn wound. Here is what I started…

I’m calling it the Rainbow. It reminds me of Spring, with all of those bright pastel colors. The pattern is found here…. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pioneer-braid-scarf, and the yarn is Bernat Mosiac: colorway Daydream. Interesting yarn I have to say. Not bad to work with, but the thickness has some inconsistancies in it. Nice colors though and machine washable. I’m thinking it would make a really cute romper for my daughter so I may pick some more of it up next time I make a trip to the craft store.

In addition to the nice day and good food, I finally got my yarn wound into balls. I borrowed my friend’s ballwinder today at the library. My son even helped to wind for a little bit. I didn’t have any problems at all using it, which I consider a good thing. I’m looking forward to get mine in the mail. It was quite a bit of yarn:

Tonight I hope to have some more of the scarf knitted, and if I’m feeling up to it I should probably start on those socks or work on “The Blizzard”.