Death of a Ball Winder and the Birth of Socks

I have some rather unfortunate news my dear friends. My recent ball winder purchase from knit picks shall have to be returned. Seems that my ball winder, with only one day of actual use, has died. I’m not entirely sure what happened….maybe mine was just defective? If anyone else has had similar problems, please let me know. While using it, it was making the occasional popping noise…not often, but every once in a while. I was pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to be making said noise, however there was nothing that I was doing wrong. ( I have used a ball winder before, and I even watched the knit picks video before using). Eventually the handle stopped turning. I couldn’t turn it forward or backwards…and I was afraid to try to force it because it is made of plastic after all. So off it goes in its cardboard coffin to be returned.

In other news I have started socks:

It also occurs to me that I should find some more interesting places to take photographs of knitting…the brown couch is kinda boring. I like the way these socks are now…however I was almost ready to give up on them. I cast on for this sock a total of eight times. Frogged each time…. The first five times, I tried to knit them two at a time on circular needles. My needles suck and the stitches didn’t want to move on the cord at all and there was so much stress on the sides that my knitting was way too lose. These don’t have a particular pattern because I’m following like 3 or 4 different patterns. The first I didn’t like the toe….another frogging session. I like the toe on the second pattern, but not the design. The design is from another pattern, but I’m not sure I like the heel…see a problem starting here. Luckily I’m writing down everything that I do so I will be able to make the second sock look the same.

I haven’t made any progress on the “Blizzard”. I feel guilty about this…..let’s not mention it again. I need to cast on for my second bunny blanket so that my daughter will have on like her brother’s. I have the overwhelming desire to use up a ton of scrap yarn and start a log cabin blanket…with a black background. I must have lost my mind. I still have Easter knitting to do. I still have to finish these socks and another pair and two hats. I also want to start on a lace shawl and socks for my husband. I must stay strong. I will work on the sweater and these socks and I WILL cast on for the other bunny. Besides what am I thinking with the log cabin blanket….I hate working with black! Too bad I like black….

I’m debating on ordering some better circular needles for doing socks two at a time…if anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them.


Special Delivery

My knitpicks order came today! I was so excited. I got my ball winder. Yay! More on that when I use it. I managed to put it together though after having a little trouble with the table clamp. I haven’t opened my blocking wires yet…I think I’ll leave them in the tube they came in until I need them. I love my shawl pin….

The yarn I ordered is just so yummy!!! I definately see myself ordering more yarn from knitpicks, however I don’t know how much more the bank can take anytime soon.

You are looking at Stroll handpainted yarn in fingering weight from knitpicks. The colorway is make believe. It’s gorgeous! I have two skeins and I’m thinking I’m going to use it to make a shawl. I love the name: make believe. I envision a shawl made up with a pattern that reminds me of the forrest or fairies. The sunlight in the pics really shows the color well. It was bright and sunny today and 80 degrees where I live! It felt like a summer day until evening hit and it got a little chilly. I did have to turn the air on for a while today.

The first bunny blankie is done!!!!! The pattern will follow.

Let me know what you think…this is the first thing that I’ve knitted where I actually wrote the pattern as I went. It is super soft and cuddly. I think my son will love it.

I’m sick of the socks already. I cast on yesterday and knitted half of the toes…(toe up two at a time), ripped it all out and cast on again. This time I’d finished the toes and was ready to move onto the pattern and ripped it out. Today I cast on for the third time and I’m only a couple of rows in. It’s the needles’ fault….they are cheap and they suck. Basically to get gauge I have to use a size 0-1 needle and the cable on my circs is slightly larger than the needle itself. I’m having a terrible time moving the stitches around, and where I have to pull so hard to make the cable go through it’s putting stress on the parts where the stitches are on opposite sides of the needle and the stitches are ending up way to loose in those areas….looking like the socks have holes where holes aren’t supposed to be. I really do need to order some better circular needles….if anyone has any recommendations please let me know. So sadly I don’t have any sock pictures to share with you. Hopefully tomorrow I will….

On the Needles and New Plan

I just ordered some stuff from knitpicks. I’ll post pics when it arrives, but in case you wanted to know what I got…… I ordered a ball winder, a shawl stick, blocking wires, some DPN needle holders, and 2 skiens of yarn. I plan on making some shawls in the near future, hence the wires and the shawl pin.

Currently in progress….

This is part of the back of a sweater I am making for my husband’s cousin. She wants it below her knees, so the thing will be long…and I am no where near finished. Actually it is somewhat bigger now than in this pic, but not by much. The pattern is completely my own…I don’t know if I’ll get to write up a pattern for it or not.

The next thing I’m working on:

This is the mushroom cap to the baby rattle I posted on my previous post…one of my daughter’s Easter basket gifts. So far it’s cute.

In other news, this came in the mail today:

Lion Brand 1878 fingering weight 100% wool. This is going to be two pairs of socks for a guy that used to be my teacher and his wife. We’ll see how it goes.

I also was browsing around and reading other people’s blogs, and I found an entry with an idea that intriqued me.

This lady has certain days set that she works on certain projects, and I thought that I might accomplish more if I did the same.

Monday: Miscellaneous projects (this means I can work on anything I have going on, or something else entirely)

Tuesday: Commission project # 1 (at the moment this is the sweater).

Wednesday: Project for my kiddos…whatever I happen to be making for them at the time.

Thursday: Commission project # 2 (the socks I plan on making)

Friday: Something for myself

Saturday: Commission project # 1

Sunday: Commission project # 2

I guess I’ll see how this plan goes and tweak it later if it doesn’t work…I may end up abandoning it completely if I don’t like it. So now I’m off to hopefully finish that mushroom tonight and maybe start on another Easter project.