The Funny Things Kids Say…and Knitting Progress

I was talking to my son today, and I started teasing him. I was saying that he was my little girl, and that Calliope was my little boy. He laughed and said that he was a boy and not a girl. So I kept on for a while and he still told me he was a boy and that she was a girl. Then I asked him why. He said that he was a boy because boys have pee-pees and girls don’t. Once again I asked him why. His reply? “Because that’s the way Wal-mart makes them!” I cracked up and had a good laugh at that.

Calliope too has been in a funny mood today. She lays in her play pen while I’m at the computer or busy with something. Everyonce in a while I’ll peek over the top at her and say Boo or blow raspberries at her and she will just smile and giggle away. Days like this make me glad that I’m a mother.

Remember this:

Well I finished one for my daughter and I’m kinda happy with the way that it turned out. The cat toys actually work well as a rattle and I put two of them in mine for extra noise since my cat toys were so small. I just have to wash it now and let it dry before Easter. I think I’ll wait until I get everything made first and wash them all together….can’t have her putting things in her mouth before they are clean!

I also started making the bunny that I talked about in an earlier post. The one with a bunny head and the rest is a blankie. Good news is that I’m writing it all down as I go so that I can make a second one. It’s also good news for my readers, because that means that I will have a pattern for you soon. I’ve gotten half of the head and the ears finished. My only complaint is that it’s turning out a little bigger than I had originally hoped, but that’s ok. I actually think it will be nice bigger because it will be the center piece of the kids’ Easter basket, and it will be a friend that they can carry around and play with.

You can see here that it’s pretty good sized…those are regular sized DPNs. I’m happy with the way that it looks though. I’m thinking that I would like to get my hands on some embroidery thread to make the face. I don’t want to use buttons for eyes or anything because I want it to be comepletely safe for my baby girl. This one is for my son though…the yarn for my daughters’ has pink and purple in it. I want them to match though…my son has a tendency to be a little bit jealous if he thinks someone is getting something that he isn’t. My progress on this bunny stops here for a few days sadly. I don’t have any embroidery thread and our local store doesn’t carry any. Luckily my mother in law embroiders and is mailing me a skein of her thread. I should get it in a few days.

I’m waiting on my ball winder before I start on those socks. As you can see from my last post, my yarn is on a cone. Not good when you want to make socks two at a time. I had hoped to catch my friend who has been weaving at the local library and use her ball winder, however, she wasn’t there the day that I was in town. For now it’s back to working on the “blizzard” aka, the white sweater. I’ve deemed it “the blizzard” because it’s white like snow and never-ending. I’m also thinking that I need to cast on something new since I can’t work on the bunny or the socks. Maybe I should make something for me? Part of me says that I should make something for me, however the other part of me says that I still have Easter knitting to do.

That’s all for now….one kid is sleeping and the other is watching a movie. That means it’s knitting time for this momma. Join me tomorrow to see what else I’ve started. Thanks for reading!


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